The Dazhai Hotel, Shanxi, China

Located approximately 500km’s south west of Beijing, Dazhai or ‘Great Outpost’ was at one point during the 1960’s the centre of Communist China and the Cultural Revolution.

The hotel once housed guests such as China’s Prime Minister under Mao, Zhou Enlai as well as many American and European Dignitaries who were brought here by the government to tour this idyllic example of communism in all it’s glory.

The hotel, now a museum with limited foot traffic particularly that of the western kind is like a preserved relic of the past.

Rooms have been left untouched from the day it shut it’s doors. From the linen on the beds to head towels on the pillows, phones plugged into the walls, original transistor radios’s and blinds pulled back neatly. With the exception of a few photographs hung from the walls that highlight the glory days of the past, one could easily be mistaken to assume that The Dazhai Hotel was open for business.