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A couple of years ago, I was wandering around the back streets of East St Kilda on a little photo mission when I came across this scenario.  At first all that was there was the red sign reading “I know you will be happy here”, the red car and the mattress. I thought, that alone warranted a photo so I stopped and began composing the picture. I liked the obvious reference to the mattress and the red and red link, but something was missing and I wasn’t really feeling it.

In this situation, I’ll usually take a snap anyway, just in case. no regrets.

So it wasn’t until I was about to take the photo, that out of the shadows, from the other room of her apartment, this girl strolled out into her bright sun drenched kitchen, right into my frame, in her pink underpants. Not only that though, she proceeded to walk towards the window turn, and then bend over right then and there as if unstacking the dishwasher or something along those lines?

Not knowing whether to take the photo or stop and walk away for fear of being arrested / crossing the line between photographer and pervert, I thought about it for a second, then did what had to be done and I took the photo.

Slightly rushing, I turned away, looked around and took off, slowly, innocently, down the street, hoping that I hadn’t been seen, not knowing if I’d done good or bad but also wondering how the hell I was presented with such a weird scenario. The work of the photography gods perhaps?

I was there with my camera pointed before I’d even seen her…

It was such a strange situation. Did she know I was there, saw me from the other room, was bored and thought she’d fuck with me? Or was she completely oblivious of my presence outside her house? I don’t know and am still baffled by it.

Sometimes with street photography the unexplainable happens. Things are put in front of you, appear out of no where or make no sense at all, and all that can be done is take a picture and capture the moment. That’s the beauty of the art form.

This was one of those occurrences. And while I remain completely uncertain about how this moment came about, at the end of the day, one thing is for sure. She definitely added weight to the point of the picture, “I know you will be happy here.”



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JAPAN 2012

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