‘There is no greater torment, than to be alone in paradise.’

BASTA! a story of longing and desire photographed in Italy during the summer of 2011.

From the seaside towns of the Amalfi Coast to the cities of Rome and Milan, the photographs are like fragments of our projected Italy, striking in their absence of a traditional perspective. The familiar and idealised is subverted and takes on anonymity. Viewed in sequence, the images share motifs and symbols that make an undetermined narrative, examining the limits of the book’s title. The work finds its form in four parts; as the series change, the mood, too, shifts.

BASTA! is Josh Robenstone’s first book.

$49.00 AUD – Signed, Includes Shipping

Published October 2014 Hardback, clothbound
96 pages
w216mm x h268mm x d16mm
ISBN: 978-0-646-92472-4

BOOK DESIGN – Tristan Ceddia – Never Now

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